With over 50 years experience as a working photojournalist, most of my work has revolved around the coverage of major news events. I've covered just about any kind of event imaginable and have been published locally, nationally and internationally. When not on assignment, one of my main interests is collaborating with beginning, as well as experienced, models and actresses on their portfolios. My shooting style is simple and straightforward, tending toward the editorial, existing light, on-location genre. However, I do have a small studio I can use during inclement weather.

For your review, I've posted a few examples of initial shoots with both beginning and experienced models. Please contact me if you feel you/we might benefit from shooting together. The images you'll receive will be fully edited, robust and high resolution. Finals will generally be available within 48 hours of our shoot, unless there are electronic and/or computer issues. TFP/CD may be possible but such requests will be judged on an individual basis and will depend on scheduling and current need. Unless I'm out of the country, all inquiries receive a response within 24 hours.

NOTE: I work only with women. You must be dependable and punctual.
NOTE: I provide credit and a link to every MM member with whom I work. I do this for two reasons; to give credit where credit is due and to provide a character reference source when and if needed.
NOTE: Initial contact by E-Mail is fine but all actual shoots are scheduled by phone...513-251-2424. This policy greatly speeds up the scheduling process and insures that all parties have the means to affect last minute changes. No phone...No photos...No exceptions.